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Why Choose us? 5 star Mining and Logistics: Your Trusted Fly Ash Company in Karachi, Pakistan

By utilizing our cutting-edge products, we have established ourselves as a top-tier fly ash raw brick raw material supplier. With a proven track record in mining, construction, and logistics, we are a trusted supplier of fly ash raw material in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Quetta.

Our company distributes CPEC and several other under-construction dams and projects in Pakistan. The comprehensive range of our fly ash products includes cement and bricks made from fly ash, clinker, micro fly ash, GGBS and slag, pumice stone, ready-mix concrete made from fly ash, and others.

Our goal as a leading flysh supplier in Pakistan is to build long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. At every level of your project, 5-Star is committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service at cost-effective rates. The company has in-house technical competence in all essential areas of production, sales, and services, along with specialized employees that are a part of the team.

As logistics experts, we own a fleet of trucks and a highly skilled in-house team for quality checks and assurance. Our top-grade fly ash supply meets international standards, and we make it available for you at an economical rate in jumbo sacs or bulk.

Importance of fly ash in various industries:

Fly ash is used primarily in the construction industry as a supplementary cementitious material in concrete production. Using fly ash in concrete reduces the amount of cement required for construction, thereby lowering its cost and environmental impact. As a result of fly ash, concrete is more workable, durable, and strong, and its permeability is reduced, resulting in greater resistance to chemical attack and water penetration. Due to its benefits and cost savings, cementitious fly ash is highly sought after in the construction industry.

Fly ash Bricks

Fly ash

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SUSTAINABILITY Long Term Relation With Our Clients

We endeavor to provide a one-window solution to all our clients, providing all their needs

Our Vision and Mission

We are devoted to building a strong Pakistan- that is built-to-last, Forever. Our motive is to provide first-rate raw material that helps construct a robust infrastructure. Bearing this noble ambition- we are dedicated to delivering superior-quality fly ash cement and brick raw material. 5-Star is an eco-friendly brand that empowers clients with world-class construction materials that transform into durable bricks, tuff tiles, pavements, bridges, and dams.

Fly Ash

Micro Fly Ash





The ideal material for bricklaying plaster is flyash loose.


Customers with their own grinding units use our clinker.

Micro Flyash

We are the top suppliers of micro flyash across Pakistan.


GGBS is one of the greenest construction materials.

Ultra Fine Micro

Ultra-Fine Micro Fly Ash produces concrete with high performance.


A crucial component of the urban infrastructure is cement.

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