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Capitalizing on our advanced infrastructural amenities, 5 Star Mining has arisen as an industry leader associated with the production of a broad range of Fly Ash and other cementing supplements. The extensive range at 5 Star Mining encompasses Slag GGBS, Fly Ash Loose, Micro Fly Ash, and Ultra-Fine Micro Fly Ash. 5 Star Mining is an extended branch of the Sadik Group. We are an evolving manufacturing and processing unit for the past three years. We own a processing unit at Port Qasim, Karachi, which is spread across 47500 sq. meters and another one at Raees Goth, Karachi, which is spread across 4750 sq. yards. Both of our units cater diverse needs of a wide range of supplies pertinent to cement, ready-mix concrete, and cement pipes of our industrial clients all across Pakistan and mainly in Karachi, Hyderabad, and Matyari, Sindh.


3 Things to know About Fly Ash Suppliers in Pakistan

Fly ash is used in concrete to improve the strength and workability of plastic concrete. It is durable because of the hardened concrete. It is a cost effective material that provides you a high-quality structure. When it is added to concrete, quantity of the Portland cement may be decreased. One of the important factors is to buy the high-quality fly ash to make the powerful concrete. You need to choose the reputed fly ash suppliers in Pakistan.

Fly Ash Suppliers in PakistanConsider these three points when you are going to select the supplier for your material.

  1. Quality of Fly Ash Offered by Fly Ash Suppliers in Pakistan

Quality needs for fly ash are different in different situations. It depends on the intended use. Fuel gas collection process, fuel cleaning method, various factors of combustion, co-firing of fuels, fuel characteristics and some other aspect affect the quality of the fly ash. If you want to buy fly ash in Karachi, then you need to know the following 4 most relevant properties of the material.

  • Uniformity
  • Fineness
  • chemical composition
  • LOI Loss on ignition


  1. Handling Methods of Fly Ash in Karachi

The reputed fly ash dealers in Pakistan are professional in handling methods. They store fly ash in bulk storage areas, domes, silos and others. They transfer the fly ash by using the screw conveyors, bucket conveyors and air slides. Under negative or positive pressure condition, it conveys through pipeline. They transport the fly ash to market in the bulk ships, barges, rail cars, tanker trucks and others. They provide the entire material in the safe and secure packaging such as smaller bags or super sacks for special applications.

  1. Price

The use of the fly ash in your concrete can provide a budget-friendly construction. Before, making a deal with the fly ash suppliers in Pakistan, you should check the price. It is the most important factor after the quality. You can ask them for online quotes. This is a great option for you to make a right decision. You can buy a high-quality material in the competitive prices.